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Our websites are built and delivered with everything you need to succeed in today’s online world.

People ignore design that ignores people.

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It has never been more important to be online.

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What You Get With Us

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You wouldn’t want a car without wheels, right? Our websites include all of the following features so you can get on the ground rolling!

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Web & Email Hosting

It’s simple, every website needs to be fast, secure, and reliable and the fact is, your hosting is the foundation of these things. Your website is only as strong as its host so we’ve created Comvert Hosting as an optimized Hosting platform for our clients and others like them.

We’ve been down the rabbit-hole that is shopping for the best web host and since we’ve done all that leg work, you don’t have to. We offer a better service, for comparable prices.

Our Comvert Hosting services come with the following features that meet or exceed the most well-known Hosts. So whether we design or develop your website, or not, we recommend that you check out our professional hosting services full of amazing features.

If we’re hosting or building your website, registering a domain with us is a no-brainer! We offer all available domain names for competitive prices to make your life a touch easier.

We can host as many email accounts as you’d like. There’s no need to sign up for yet another service with someone else, keep things easy!

What good is a website that doesn’t load when it’s searched? Uptime is something people now take for granted, but not all hosts can guarantee 99.99% uptime.. or even close. We can! 

Hosting your website on SSD servers improves speed and performance by 20x on average compared to traditional HDD servers. So we went ahead and skipped those antiquated HDD’s and only offer SSD based hosting so you have one less choice to make. 

How fast your website loads for a user is largely dependent on how far they are from where your host server is physically located. Our hosting uses 4 Servers in Central & South Western North America and 1 in Central Europe to give our customers an optimized experience with servers close-by.

To further improve your global performance, our plans include Cloudflare CDN with Railgun to further improve your site’s speed, performance and security. All traffic to your website goes through Cloudflare, which filters out and blocks malicious users and distributes your website content to others from their nearest Cloudflare Data Center so they can enjoy a fast, seamless experience anywhere in the world. 

Our hosting includes FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates for security of your website, information, and the information of those who use your website. It can even improve speed, and SEO. In fact, Google won’t serve up your website without one these days, but they’re almost always an ‘extra’ on your domain/hosting bill. Don’t bother spending any money on digital marketing unless you have an SSL.

If something does go wrong with your website, you can rest easy knowing it has already been taken care of. You can’t wait for things to go wrong to act, that’s why we take Daily Backups of your website as soon as it’s launched. We can quickly fix any issue you encounter.

Our main Data Center partner, Google Cloud, matches 100% of the energy consumed by their global operations with renewable energy and maintains a commitment to carbon neutrality. 

We’re in the business of improving your business, and that includes making things easier on you in all aspects. We know how many accounts you’ve created in the last 5 years and we understand the importance of simplifying that where we can. Your email and website is one of those areas. So, we’ve set ourselves up to help you from start to finish, and we hope to be the point of contact for all of your digital needs.

Fully Responsive

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Today, 83% of website visits come from a mobile device with no regression in sight.
If your website doesn’t look or function perfectly on every device out there, people will simply move on.

Selling a website that isn’t responsive these days is like selling a car without wheels, it won’t get you far.

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Marketing Analytics

Our websites come with Marketing Analytics such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or connecting to your CRM or Marketing Automation tool. If you’re brand new, we can help setup too.

If your website doesn’t come with Marketing Analytics setup from the start, you will be missing out on not only potential sales, but useful information as well. With marketing analytics whether the user purchases or not, you will still benefit from the information they leave behind in the form of how they interact on your site. This doesn’t violate their privacy as it remains anonymous but it allows you see what works and doesn’t work on your website. Thats’s why our websites ship with all of the marketing tools required to grow your business, unless you request otherwise. Tools such as a Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console are essential if you plan on doing any Digital Marketing or Advertising. This way you can check up on, make changes to and optimize your marketing efforts for max potential.

On-Page SEO

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Websites don’t appear on Search Engines unless you index them and today, appearing in search results is thought to be pretty standard. That’s why our websites include the basic On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so your website will be ranked on Google when it’s launched.

We already know you want that infamous Top Rank in Google Searches. To actually achieve and keep a top #1 page-rank is an ongoing process and a separate service.

Did you know there are over 900 factors (and counting) that search engines examine when they display search results? Many of which should be perfected before the website is launched.

Factors such as page-load speed, broken links and Search Engine Optimized Copy. This is more commonly referred to as On-Page SEO.

Although it’s true, good SEO requires ongoing attention and work, it must also be built into your website from the start.

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Fast, Light Websites

Today’s consumers and search engines expect pages to load instantly, videos to play quickly and absolutely no hiccups along the way. Slow loading pages is the most common reason users will leave a website. We build our websites fast and light to keep bounce rates to a minimum.

Security & Backup

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Protect your website properly from day one. There will always be spam, hackers, and trolls trying to invade your website, but there are ways to keep your site’s content, personal and user data safe before they can access it. Having strong, Secure Hosting, Security Software and a Backup Recovery Plan is essential for every website today. You can carry on worry-free knowing your new website built by us is fully protected.
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Community Builder

Lead Magnets – like a PDF Guide – give users a reason to visit your website. A Community Builder – like a Blog – will give them a reason to stay longer, and come back over and over. We offer both as an option for your new website.

To build a successful brand, you need devoted Lifelong Brand Fans. It’s important that your customers enjoy coming to your website, even after conversion.

Ask us about building a community on your website that will aid the transition from average internet user, to customer to becoming your new Lifelong Brand Fan.

Care Package

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Once we launch your new website, you have an option to purchase our Care Package, or automatically become a Comvert Marketer.

Either way, it’s best to keep your content up to date in the ever changing digital landscape of the internet. We’ll help you keep things fresh, secure and Comverting no matter which option you choose.

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Our Process

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Just like our other services, our Web Design Process mirrors the 5 Stages of The Purchase Decision Process: Research, Strategize, Design, Execute and Optimize.

See how it works in detail below.


Project On-boarding

The first step in building your new website is thorough research into your business, target market, competitors, and a full scale website audit if you have an existing site already.

Before we use our resources, we'll send you our 26 Question On-Boarding Questionnaire that helps us extract your own experience, knowledge and expertise in your business. Then we can start on a strategy catered to your brand.
Discovery Strategy Session


Discovery Strategy Session

If our on-boarding process raises any questions about the details of your brand, business goals, or target market, we find it helps to have a Discovery Strategy Session.

These sessions allow us to combine everything we've learned about your industry and business, with your own knowledge and expertise. They can be done over the phone, virtually or in person and help get both teams on the same page.

Once that's cleared up, with a strategy in hand, we can start the design process.
Logo & Branding


Website Development

So you know how your new website will look, now you'll learn how it feels and functions! We'll start with setting up your Web Hosting and/or Content Management System (CMS) if necessary, then your Staging Site where we build.

By building on a Staging Site, your live website (if you have one) will not be affected. If you don't we can build anticipation with a coming soon page and you can even monitor our progress up until the site goes live!
Testing & Launch

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Please provide some information about your project or business so we can help you more efficiently.