It's True...

We Work Behind Our Computers,

We Never Hide Behind Them.

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Steve Shearer Handwritten Signature


My name is Steve Shearer, proud founder & owner of Comvert Marketing where we specialize in helping passionate business owners get the most from their business through Branding, Web Design & Development & Digital Marketing.

If you’re looking to bring your business to the next level, you have come to the right place.

Our work is designed to convert people
into your Life-Long-Brand-Fans.

Our Values


Not old fashioned like we’re stuck in the past, just aware of what has always worked, and what hasn’t.

Quality Driven

Some call it perfectionism. I say, if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.


Great marketing doesn’t lie or exaggerate. It clarifies the connection you have with your customers.

Always Learning

The world waits for no one. Stay on top of your craft and how the world’s changing or get left behind. After all, what else are you gonna do?


We act as an extension of the internets ability to provide Equal Opportunity through employment or through our work.

Remain Humble

We know that everyone can teach anyone something, so always be a good listener.

Our 'Why' is VERY, VERY Important to us.

We strive to be real in a world of fakes, because this is important to us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give passionate people all over the world a fighting chance to create the life of their dreams, on their terms.

Our Vision

With the power of the internet, we envision a world with more employment freedom for those who seek it.

Why Choose Comvert?

Reputation Matters

We are proud members of BNI TNT in Cambridge, ON, Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses, and to be nominated for Best Web Design Services & Advertising/Marketing Agency via the Waterloo Region Record Reader’s Choice 2023. We are also happy to report a perfect 5 star rating online!

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Word On The Street

Our 5 Star Rating

Meet Our Founder & Owner

Steve Shearer

Hello, I’m Steve!

I am the owner of Comvert Marketing and hold many hats here, but I am not alone and certainly couldn’t do everything on my own!

I began work as an umpire, officiating T-Ball, 3-pitch and eventually softball games for the KW Optimist Club.

However, I needed something that would keep me busy year-round. This led me to a retail position selling Hockey & Baseball equipment, specializing in Goaltender’s gear. It was here where I began doing Graphic Design, making Signs, Web Design, Email Marketing & E-Commerce management. I was often discouraged from putting effort into making the internal store signs and price tags attractive, being told this wasn’t “arts and crafts class”. But boy, did that store look good, was easily read, and customers did notice. This seemed obvious to me, but only to a few others there.

During my time working retail, I went to Conestoga College for Electrical Engineering, but later changing my focus to Business Marketing. I’ve always been more logical, analytical (ISTJ) and a great problem solver, but to be creative was always my goal.

I then began working in Signs & Vehicle Graphics, further honing my skills in Branding & Graphic Design. I worked in this industry for over 5 years before my desire to follow my dream became too intense to ignore, but in many ways, I still do!

My Skills

Brand Identity Design 90%
Graphic Design 75%
Web Design 85%
Digital Marketing 80%
Problem Solving 95%

In my spare time, I grew my web design & development skills, practiced photography, improved my marketing skills via digital & internet marketing and fell in love with Brand Identity Design.

When I’m not working, I play, write & record music. As a drummer of 12+ years, guitarist of 5+ years and a casual audio engineer of 10+ years, this is my escape.

However, I still play hockey, love to golf, love to travel and can’t help but try new things when time permits.

If you’ve read this far, or supported me in any way along this journey, I want to say..

Thank you <3. 

Our Skills

Tools We Use

Some of our favorite tools we use everyday to run our business, and improve others. 

Let's Get Started!

Please provide some information about your project or business so we can help you more efficiently.

Let's Get Started!

Please provide some information about your project or business so we can help you more efficiently.